Перевод песни Lil Uno – Never Leave You

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I know you tired, baby
Let's hit the islands, baby
Get on the plane and conversate and do it all, baby
The way you shake it, mama
Makin'me want the drama
And then I come, and then I beat it up just like a drummer
And all I gotta promise
You keep it real and honest
And make you play and wanna grab it like you really want it
I keep it cholo, baby
While in my low-low, baby
We rendez-vous, it's me and you on the solo, baby
Let's ride away together
And do this shit forever
I guarantee you, ma
You never had it better
We go to church on Sunday
We gettin'drunk on Monday
Well, maybe one day
I, can't, sleep
When we're not together
Every thing I do, makes me think of you
You can count on me forever
I, can't, breathe
When we're not together
We're the perfect fit, never gonna quit
No, I'll never leave you, ever
Let's have these kamikazes
Uno ain't got no posse
It's inconceivable for you to ever try to stop me
I got my body with me
We ride and die together
We do it in the front to back, we down for whatever
You wish you had it like me
I bet you hate it, don't ya
My little mama looks so perfect, just like a sculpture
Her pretty face and little waist'll drive me so loco
We take the vodka and the Henne'straight to the coco
We overlook the ocean
Just like the movie stars
We first class, motherfucker, put it on the boards
Say what you wanna say
There's nothing you can do
And like I told you, baby doll, it's just me and you
We do this like Monopoly
It's all about the paper
So get your money, baby boy, and you just let them hate ya
I came from nothing, baby
Turned into somethin', baby
I'm born and raised in the struggle, you can ask my baby
So grab your lady and your babies, and just keep it movin'
I'm travellin'the country, Uno steady keep it movin'
I got my (???) made, I'm lovin'it, just every day
I give a damn about the haters, see they wanna play
I keep the Loti in my Gotti like Illuminati
I make the music for my people, I mean, every body
So make some noise and let me hear you say
You 'bout the paper and your family, say «HELL YEAH!»