Перевод песни Ms. Sancha – Freaky Tonight

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Ms. Sancha were gonna do it tonight
Ms. Sancha you always work it just right
Ms. Sancha ohhhhh ohhhhh your so freaky baby, yes you are yes you are
That's how I like it You need a freak like sancha, do what some of them girls don't wanna
You can do me in the back of the club, in the back of the truck
I don't care papi just want to fuck
A little licking on my clit, a little suckin on your dick
That'll do the job if you wanna come and get this pussy wet
Just the thought of it makes me hot, wether you or me on top
Bust a nut on this freaky slut you can stick it in the butt, you know whatz up I don't care about your wife at home ready to moan if you're ready to bone
I'm a suck it for a playa ready to blow, deep throat the low pro gangstas kno
Ms. Sancha...
I'm getting wet just thinking bout the sex
Were gonna do it tonight
Give it to me
Ms. Sancha...
You can put my body to the test
You always work it just right (ohhhhh)
Ms. Sancha ...
Do it to me papi, do it to me Your so freaky baby Yes you are yes you are
Yea yea yea...
That's how I like it I like to think of sex touch my lips rub my chest and make me sweat
This panocha's drippin wet I like it when you suck on my tits
That'll get me off break me off keep it hard
Im'a suck 'til you nut fuck 'til you?
I love it when you pull my hair and call me slut
69 will do just fine? ? gotta get it right
Im'a ride 'til the end of the night keep my legs to the sky
Now do it sound tight
So come and get it daddy nobody has to kno
Ill be your sancha don't trip, ill keep it low pro
That's what I'm talking bout that freaky baby (x2)
All the other girls don't like to do the things you do (nooooo)
Ms. Sancha your so nasty...
Where all my gangster at where all my thugs at If your down with the lpg you can hit it from the bakk
Where all the riders at, my south siders at I can be your fantasy, superfreak from the lpg
Ms. Sancha... (x4)