Перевод песни Bon Jovi – Old Habits Die Hard

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You look like shit so dear my brother
I missed you too, yeah you dumb stupid mother
Jeep, welcome home sign, a bottle of red
At least you got freedom in an open out there
Free cheers till the best of the rest we got left
If you could dream anything, what would that be?
If you could dream back, would you share it with me?
We carry our choices, we hide our regrets
We know there's a price, we'll both pay our debts
But maybe they ain't seen the last of us yet
'Cause old habits die hard
Old habits die hard
It might be painful to smile
But it covers the scars
And old habits die hard
There's a face in the mirror, but it don't look like me Yesterday's gone, a rain drop in the sea
I have your back for each day that's gone by And I'll still have it till the day that I die
Yeah, I'll still have it till the day that I die
Some day you'll be missed by those you leave behind
And I hope you touched other lives like you've touched mine