Перевод песни Pink Anderson – In the Jailhouse Now

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I had an old friend name Campbell
Campbell used to steal and gamble
Made his living cheating all the while (yessir)
Had a little game he called euchre
Blackjack dice and poker
Thought he was the smartest dude in town
But I just found out Monday
Campbell got locked up Sunday
They got him in the jailhouse down in town
They got Campbell in the jail
No one to go his bail
That judge he won't accept no fine (they got'm)
He's in the jailhouse now
He's in the jailhouse now
I told Campbell once or twice
Stop playing cards and shooting dice
He's up on Broad Street now
(he's hardheaded, pay nobody no mind but they got'm)
I remember last election
When the white folks was in action
Trying to get thyself a president
A colored man by the name of Bill Austin
Walked from New York to Boston
Just to find a colored sentiment
Now my brother Bill's a voter
Bill's a great promoter
Always looking for some good advice
So they told Bill to go to the polls
And vote?
Instead of voting once the fool voted twice (that settled it)
He's on the rock pile now
He's on the rock pile now
I told Bill to stay at home
And let other people's business alone
He's down in Woodruff now
(Hardheaded you know, wouldn't pay nobody no mind
But they got to put him somewhere He ain't like me)
I walked up to town on Friday
I met a girl named Ida
I thought she was the prettiest girl in town (mmmmm)
She began to call me honey
And I began to spend all my money
We walked into a swell café and set down
Folks, I made sure I were in it
I was spending every minute
Buying white whiskey home brew and wine everything by the quart
But when I went to pay that man
I found that lady's hand
In my pocket where my money was (that settled it)
She's in the graveyard now
She's in the graveyard now
I told the judge to his face
That woman's hand was out of place
She's in the ape yard now