Перевод песни Sapient – Pieces Of Paper

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I work hard all day and night
Trying to keep the lights on Always the same place and time
My heart's weathered and my mind's gone
I write a song beneath my skin
I write a song and bleed for them
I gotta get that money, money (x3)
I gotta find me some
That's why I'm grinding son
Not enough hours in the day
I'm trying to clock out
Everything is in my way
I'm trying to take a day off but not now
I write a song and sing under my breath
I write a song and think «I wonder what's left»
I want to chase my dreams
Can they still happen?
Or are they all make believe?
Cause all I'm chasing is paper dragons
I've been spoiling my love
While the moonshine boils in the tub
Put another coin in the cup
I said put another coin in the cup, 'cause...