Перевод песни Planet Asia – Thoroughest

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
12 inches from Hell's kitchen
Broke the spell to research for scientific
9/11 plot, my medicine's pot, the young shaman
Next level rebel with knowledge nostalgic
I'm the OG that the young'uns never diss
Cause no matter what, you gotta respect the cleverness
Above 6, where my level is
My level benevolent styles inherited
The lord of all worlds can show you where the devil is
Man of the craft still living off his heritage
720 rhymes that come a month
Under the steady, gotta be the most thoroughest
We pin strolls and graffiti
12 jewels to feed the needy
You act, nigga, sign a peace treaty
We bleed the greedy so I keep my beats mean
Meditate and let my dome roam free
The untouchables, bucket slow
That's word to my brother Ben Buford in the caddy sitting comfortable
And what I'm doing is nothing new
Hard body frequencies, beats feeling like somebody's punching you
Who the fuck is you to try and chest
Dodge the best,? knowledge in the game and fly us out the west
I wanna ride in your brain cashing traveler's checks
My clientele's a mess, wide cell specs
My up north niggas be like blood hella fresh
With no support of a major but relevant nigga
We selling this dope, forever and yo
You rappers is hoes, letting these crackers do whatever with you
Freedom enforcer, whatever I'm a law student
And the instrumental is getting? soft confusion
I'm on my own shit, could give a fuck what y'all doin'