Перевод песни Planet Asia – Bar Mitzvah

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I see you mutherfuckers chipping at my aura and shit
(This is the fuckin' Bar Mitzvah right here)
Act like I don't see that shit
Stop bitin' my shit!
This is the Bar Mitzvah right here
All of a sudden you want to be on that fly shit
(I'mo Mitzvah you mutherfuckers with Bar)
You know who started that shit Nigga
Aura infinite, Ethan I rhyme the magnificent
Clockwork sync cal can and my guy whistling
Fireworks splatter the stage right off my written shit
Missles hit, rooftop snipers to blow your kitchens in Bite a nigga's shit
Guarantee my military troops throw on the boots to come and kick your dentures
in Prime witness see the dagger, get your face fixed
You late bitch, but still you out, still in swagger
Electric necklace disrespect former reckless
Columbian boom my hole left you with your neck slit
Burnt the bounty out of Curran county
Tequila worm last swig of this bottle when this shit has turned probably
Wild card burn the house down to send a message
Cool as a pimp I like my school with shrimp lemon pepper
With barbeque sauce, your article soft
You see the uniform custom made Nautica garb medal coptic
Roles go poperone
Red fez for rockin'
Limousine, guns, titanium watches
For the count of mind power. rhyme for hours
Born god in the paradigm of higher knowledge
Put on some fly shit, not on my sweats
So I can buy shit, Nigga this is as fly as it gets
I'm on my grind like cleats on the field
Haters try to throw stones, rocks flown never reaching my shield
From prince to king my team el-o-heem now kiss the ring
This is technotogy Scotty beam me —
Evaporate me to my shuttle
Then make me reappear so these wack niggas never rebuttle
Its the diamond test open sesame — it's Simon sez
No more verse licks wack shows or minor bread
Yeah! my bidness in order now
The game been watered down
Time to show you lames the art of style
Grafitti flair foreigner
Journey with me on this event
As I proceed I hope I'm not boring yah
Leather trench shell to Sherlock
Leather Kufi — eleven cables to the navel looking real stupid
Hoopti hot rocks the top shot the dog whisperer
Salam alaikum I just gave that ass a bar mitzvah!
The truth hurts alot but fuck it — I can't fake it Cause once its on the track's gettin' circumsized
(Yeah ya'll mutherfuckers need to stop bitin')
(Get your own style steal your own mutherfuckin language)
(PA medalion Zy BG the baclava Don Bitch!)