Перевод песни GOB – Wake Up

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Hey mom, concerned with what I've become
Suicidal maybe, satanic maybe
On drugs, on off and back on
I'm an enigma, I'm pissed off at everything and
Everyone thinks that I'm headstrong
I've been too hard on you far too many times for us to Go back, forget what's said and what's done
I can't help myself I just need to shake myself and
Wake up, hug kiss and make up Tell you that I'm sorry and that you shouldn't
Worry about this stuff
Hey love don't let me down
You know I'm lost when you are not around
You tell me lies and put me on You make me mad enough to kill you in song
And I say words, things that I regret
I get so clumsy when I'm scared, I try to walk away but
I look back, remember where I belong
I can't help myself I just need to kick myself and