Перевод песни Swollen Members – Death Warrant

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
We don't spit lies disguised as half truths
In the booth we shake the whack mount loose
Nobody rap proof
Dismantle amplifiers
Man handle live wires
Strike down the mic like * for wildfire
Hot wire synthesizers, payback to playback
Conquer the monitors like digital to *
We eject the rejected, respect the game plan
We victimize mixes then master the wasteland
My sentiments exactly
Lieutenant I am venomous, attacking extremities and penalties distract me I am trying to rebuild
I am trying to keep still
Things that gave me cheap thrills
Now they give me deep chills
I wrestle lions and I shadow box in hurricanes
My tongues a cattle prod
Carnage in my catalogue
Tensity and density and dialogue, fire god
Went from little giant boss then I got my wires crossed
I have made some mad noise
Spread across the tabloids
Saying I'm a bad boy, speaking in a sad voice
Secretly I wish I was a good guy, so I'm saying good-bye
If I still hung out with him I would die
No we don't need no water, let the motherfucker burn
Getting way too old to watch another sucker's turn
Can't wait to go to Venice
Rap thinking board shorts
Lyrical deformity I'll rap till I'm a warped corpse
We shall prevail and overthrow the downtrodden
While they in the ground rotting we rocking like Sound Garden
Margins for error as rare as fresh air
Toxicity complexities externally repaired
Nocturnally prepared, long before you drove an ice road
Watch me transform form, daggermouth to knife throat
Life boats will capsize, northern star polarize
Mouth move like motorized turbine engine override
Suburban 1985, double cargo hatch door
BAX WAR multiply, purify like holy water
Half of that is gasoline, you don't want to hold the bottle
Mako shark take apart a body like a maaco shop
Sergeant Heart, lonely band
Search party missing man
Shifting sand lifting land
Tornado and cyclone
Bermuda Triangular strangler no fire zone
Nose diving aircraft, fiber glass, black chrome
I'm a golden troll on a totem pole with a noble soul
Old as Yoda, got that Obi Wan Ken-obi flow
Archaeology, I'm a fucking old timer
And I'll be staying underground like I'm a coal miner
They try to pull me down but I ain't going quietly
A bit surprising to the one that's victimizing violently
I was super handsome, now mentally I'm suffering
Turned into a fucking grubby chubby ugly duckling
Rusty metal through the skin caused tetanus
We move a city block like Tetris, keep shocking like Tesla
Deeper rule than Augustus, Julius Caesar
Like a preview for movie in theaters Prometheus
Crater, lunar grievous landing
I'm standing on stardust
Crashing through Earth's crust unraveling
Modern time traveling abandoned on Saturn's rings
Misguided angel flying high again with tattered wings