Перевод песни Swollen Members – Inception / Darker Side Interlude

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Welcome to the doomsday parade
Sittin' in my room, cartoon shades of grey
I am an immortal, walkin' through a porthole
Warped soul, I am colder than the North Pole
Hallucinations, disturbing and violent
My heart pump poison on anthrax island
They'll try to cover up our legacy
So we remain the darkest poets you will ever see
A fine line between genius and insanity
I walk between the spirit world and humanity
A fine line between a hero and a vaudevillian
For me no in between it's zero or a million
Dark and demented, art that's inventive
Eccentric, vain, he'll be insane eventually
Pay attention, ten thousand henchmen
My warriors are waiting for divine intervention
Follow my lead and walk towards the light
It is I who encompasses doom, consuming fright
Still ride through the fire on a horse
I'll rip with the hippest trip wire force
I'm bad, my nickname's the circuit breaker
Eatin' up the world, acre by acre
There's no limits to the music we can make
Too broad for some horizons when I rise like landscape
Refute advances from the lands of Saint Augustine
Mansions dilapidated, stanchions are waterlogged
Aquatic monologue, aquamarine, C4
Green camouflage, spreads through the air waves
Stay close behind me, the navigation's treacherous
Swallow this vaccine and hope they don't come back for us Back is porous, crimson tides, hand crafted vegetables
Cryogenic freeze leaves seeds, plants and animals
Bereaved families grieve, leave the grave botanicals
My name sake's engraved on cave walls of the Neanderthals
Crystalline webbing falls, entrapping all, snapping jaws
Hoist 'em like a joist to the bleeding ground feeding hall
Moisture in the decks planks warps how the boat sails
Warp speed, force feed those who ride my coat tail
Ride by night like a Templar Knight to find the Holy Grail
Blinded by my faith, my aerospace will make you read in braille
Surface to air, emergency flare
Battleaxe Warriors, man of the Clan of the Cave Bear
Shakespeare, Robespierre and T.S. Elliott
Imagination, Tolkien, hover like a Carrion
Landspeed prey, no MPH, can't out run my aerial imperial frame
So down in flames they go, the rap Red Baron
Prepare for Diablo and his half dead harem
Barbed wire fences to guard my senses
A dark mind's vengeance, my art might cleanse it You don't want it, when three minds haunt it Little bad wolf wearing a bonnet, slightly daunted
We will chase you through the forest once we lure you from the village
We're here to maim and pillage, buckets filling from blood spillage
We are killing with compassion not even in our spectrum
Lyrics are electric at a picnic drinkin' redrum