Перевод песни Swollen Members – Juggernaut

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Gimme credit when the energetic flow is aligned
You know when it's mine, it's better than most
Still reppin' the coast, it's a sign of the times
Pull ahead of the pack, leave them all in the back
Nine times out of ten it's a real attack
One time out of that it's a practice drill
Don't relax, those still waters run deep
Come compete with the elite, I'm going in for the kill
Build and destroy, fill the void
I Robot, I'm a android
You're a host to a comatose, pull the cord
Now it's time for you to meet the Lord, call the morgue
All aboard this train pulling out from the station
Hit like a bullet and I call it devastation
Look around, colorful rhyme animation
Animal instincts, that's dedication
I'm a fucking evil beast
Feel like my cerebral grease
Giving you the 'Heebie Jeebies' on CD or DVD
Monster on your TV screen
Opposite of beauty queen
Girl look like the Bride of Frankenstein, It's like a movie scene
Standing with the ghoulish grin
Me and Prev are foolish twins
Orphan morphing into something morbid it's your sewage bin
I know my future like I'm reading fucking tarot cards
Two thirteen, we're the next fucking terror squad
Punk rock 808's
Brass knuckle heavy weights
Hip hop heavy bass, heavy bass, heavy bass
I'm a dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus Rex, getting oral sex
More or less, from a Pterodactyl in an orange dress
You're impressed, I'm a foreign rapper with a storage chest
War in debt, you don't want to quarrel with tomorrow's best
Destiny is blood-drench, I am fucking out to lunch
Poison running through my veins while eating bowls of 'Captain Crunch'
Saturday, cartoons from the console of my spaceship
Going apeshit, I'm on some 1988 shit
Destroy, dismantle, disassemble, what does this resemble?
Advisory Parental, live like a TV show when I flow
My mental low's much higher than your highest heights, might flood like spice,
Still can't see, but you love your life
Kill MC's with a mic like a butcher knife
Then again, when I'm here in this time continuum
Blend chameleon, show true colours
Flee from my brothers, fuck all the others
Checking out power, what did I discover
Rhyme is ammo, time is ample
Black trap crow mac map the capo
Call the back up, tell them to back up
Before they get jacked up and attack the console