Перевод песни Isobel Campbell – Enchanted Place

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I’m not looking for a king in some fancy land
I’m not looking for a prisoner to take my hand
Those old scenes with glory dreams are so very dull to see
People do you wrong or do you right, some pass you by
Pain and pleasure mixed together proves that we’re alive
For the presence of the caterpillar brings the butterfly
Though we might be alone
And nothing can belong to you
Though we might be alone
There’s a girl I know who talks to me and feels the same
There’s a girl I know who helps to take away the pain
With the lion that’s beside us we are in a special place
Until it’s time to go I’ll stay with her not asking how
Got to try our best to stay within the here and now
With the trumpet and the violin and not the final bow
Though we might be alone
There’s something better about two
Though we might be alone
It may be true