Перевод песни Soldiers of Hell – Soldiers of Hell

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
There is a cosmos made of ebony darkness
There the streams of red flow together, of million hearts bleeding
There is a stronghold where all t! he sulphour beasts are gathered
This castle is the essence of all evil, generator of unholy supremacy
Hold in this castle, in the deepest dungeons, tortured by the sulphour ones
There are somekind of captives, those i call «Sons of the Lightbastard»
Sometimes gusts of wind carry the whimper of these judas ones to me Laughter fills my heart when I hear them screaming in pain
Thou will survive, father, for they will be slaughtered by our fists
The legion stands beside, starving for their flesh, bloodlust in their eyes
With their own wisdom we will finally crush their false world order
The gates are opened like ages before, this time the throne will be ours