Перевод песни Liar of Golgotha – Ways of The Wind

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I have stood silent, waiting for the summoned winds to slowly take away my shape and carry me to the far ends of the earth. My eroded remnants binding in an alternate world, overlapping the one that humans call their own,
though untraceable. The winds of By'gahl took me to his kingdom in the East.
On the back of his gigantic blackened wings I passed the rural pagan lands and
the mountains of The dark Carpathian empire. During my time there I learned the tales of the
Vampyres and the hidden roads to the haunting one called Tepes, still cloaking
these lands in fear
And I met the spirits of all warriors, long forgotten, when I crossed the
Extensive battlefields hidden beyond an infinity of years
Willingly, the dead shared with me their vicious terrors and lusting fantasies
I absorbed their being, feeding my soul with their force. I had become what I'd
been taught. The winds of Bheloth took me to the Southern domain. On the back of the tentacled horse
This liquid demon-king took me away. He taught me the tales of the Order of Power
To which he had devoted his life, and proclaimed me all his might and wisdom
And I absorbed every detail of the knowledge into my mind
The monstrous horse rode the stars shining on the southern hemisphere and I saw
the beige
Deserts in which the Ancient Ones lay silent, never to be found by human kind
But I could see them as clear as diamonds, reflecting a surreal moonlight into
my eyes
And in a future nearby I would crush the Ultimate Gate awaking the statuegods
Clutching to the greasy fur of the hideous predator Gha'hap, I travelled to the
Frontiers of the West. Riding off when the sun was in the southern signs,
he was the one teaching me The secret arts of the divine, and sciences of the macabre. From high above I gazed over the lands
And waters of the western continent. I tasted the atmospheres of elder times
When the sun Ah Kinchil was more than a star for those races on the
mountaintops, and when its bridal moon was still
Considered sacred, the goddess named Ix C'up. But melancholy drenched my heart
in these times
Now buried, echoed through my head. The winds of Bthya'qual took me to the
North, where I tasted
The powers of violence and bloodshed. In the hypnotizing falls of the northern
lights I heard
The horn blown by the gods, to welcome our trespassing in the «lands of Odin»
My guide uncovered its gnarled grey teeth in my direction, its empty greenish
Staring at my face, and I felt the rush of a second disintegration
And on yet another astral plane I reassembled and travelled with the Norsemen
over the great
Wide open sea, to conquer lands across. On the back of Bthya'qual I rode the
Northlands and beyond
I have scaled the four sides of the globe and learned all there is to Know. I know the fears and loves of the humanoid creation. And I know the same
of the divine
But still there are things beyond my reach...