Перевод песни Liar of Golgotha – In Praise of Cthulhu

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Hail to the R'lyeh dominance sleeping beneath the Pacific waves of salt
Master of the Great Old Ones resting patiently for the days of global
territorial reclamation
Fulfilling the legacies of all the world's forbidden manuscripts.
One day he will come as the
Armageddon Angel leaving in his wake the sunken ancient continent and the black
city's towers pointing
Towards his birthplace Vhoorl; the Cthulhi spawn flying out with the monsoon
winds spreading their terror
Over the lands of man, slaughtering all which lacks the divine blood.
Telepathically I link into the
Cryogenic glacial substance beneath the planets floating salt and descend into
the being's hostile dreamland
The Chorazin outskirts, where I am considered an interim temporal occupant with
exceptional privileges
And unmatched skills. Beings except me as their master obeying their creator,
but descended from another
Branch of gods; admiring me with a sharpened edge of jealousy. Cults follow my
path, while others burst down in litany
I am their alien messiah, hated and adored. Ashen gravel whirls around under my
As I fly myself towards the liquid pantheon, centered in the forbidden sector
of the extensive Cthulhu id
A transparent shape, pulsating at the rhythm of the synapse, rises in the land
where dawn and dusk are one
My followers have stopped along the way, afraid of the destruction that awaits
them in this region
But my soul has reached the temple and my hands have touched the membrane of the
Sphere. And I step in. The Chorazinworld now savagely distorted,
by the treacly substance that eddied
Around my skin, but never touched it. I know where I am, though it's all
unknown to me
I know now what to do, and I render the awakening. In praise of Cthulu,
the gatekeeper is here!
And I cut the astral cord, embedded in the awakening God, and rose above the
surface of the dark Pacific
Ocean. R'lyeh has returned!