Перевод песни Pusha T – Everything That Glitters

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Ayo French
You, you know I'm bout that life right?
Better know who you is
When you lookin' in the mirror
Cause everything that glitters, it ain't gold
I'm gettin' low from the hater
Cameras in action, tell all my niggas what's happenin'
Ridin' with my niggas
Cause everything that glitters, it ain't gold
I'm gettin' low, hold me from the haters
Cameras in action, tell my niggas what's happenin'
Rolling smoke, getting high, high, high
Just another day getting by, by, by
For every brick broke down it's one stepped on
For every known rat, it's one slept on
For every loyal nigga fronted, one kept owin'
For every bitch I showed the way, it's one that kept hoin'
So let's blow through this money as we pour bottles
Let me drop another classic and a tour follows
Let's get pissy drunk and let the whores swallow
My niggas embrace guns and ignore Bibles
Not to glorify it, you can't ignore the lines
The new jury can be you, ghetto law-abiding
Better know who that is looking in the mirror
The truth lies, and your soul can't see it clearer
I just can't leave it alone, I just can't leave it alone
They're handing out football numbers after tappin' your phone
Or you watchin' for the drop as they clappin' they chrome
Took a brick and I turned it to stone
5 into 10, the Return of the Clones
Then I took my experience and turned it to poems
As we took single engines and turned 'em to Boeings
Panamera blood red symbolize bloodshed
Loss lot of niggas, some in Club Fed
Few still reminiscin' in they CL
Selling Pete Rock, cruisin' in they V-12