Перевод песни B.B. King – (I'm Gonna) Quit My Baby

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Well, I work hard everyday
Come home straight with my pay
My baby either drink it up Or she threw it all away
I'm gonna quit my baby
If she don't stop cheatin' and lyin'
Well, I would rather be alone
Than to be worried out of my mind
Well, I give her all of my money
I think I'm being kind
She buy a quart of bad whiskey
And the rest is beer and wine
Well, a few nights ago
I had to work kinda late
Somebody broke out of my house
Just like he was Superman's mate
Well, four o'clock in the morning, when I staggered in the block
The little moonshine joint and the rest just begin to rock
I sneaked inside to get a better view
I caught my baby doin' the mambo too