Перевод песни Via del Blues – Out of This Bound

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this old guitar plays the sound called blues
and i'm lookin' for a wild kind of job
turnin' places where's the people alive
we are drinkin' with big brother bob
i hit the ride... i stop the crash
i'm gonna light the stage as a flash
gimme your hand because it's time to run
into the night
screamin' girls i remember sometimes
like the summer of the great sixtynine
million hands were up in the sky
...shakin' many glasses of wine
you know we hate... to celebrate
the heroes of the merry-go-round
gimme yourself because it's time to go out of this bound
...and i tell you a story
every man oughta know
‘bout the bad girl reputation
that moves her lips real slow
she can squeeze you tonight
when you turn off the light
she can be by your side
but she can't be your bride...
...here's to you the same story
every girl oughta know
‘bout the bad man reputation
that moves his dick real slow
he can play you tonight
when you turn off the light
now he can be your tide
but he can't be your pride...