Перевод песни Spencer Day – Summer

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Summer, pictures that play in my mind
Dream of an innocent time, dear
Flowers and 4th of Julys, dear
Summer is still on my mind
Summer, a bitter sweet lemonade
Under kaleidoscope shade
We, lay as the sunlight was fading
Summer was fading away
Now it has gone away
But like it was yesterday
(That) I can remember
I still remember
When everyday was bright and golden
As the sun
I can remember
Can you remember?
When we were unafraid to take life
As it comes
I dream of a Summer
Fading as fast as a Tan
Just like a wave still in sand
From under your feet where the land was
Summer can slip through your hands
Lover you were so gentle and warm
But left to weather the winter
Fair-weather love can turn bitter
Fair-weather love can turn cold
And though it was long ago
I thought you ought to know
Repeat ref 2X
Summer, hopelessly lost to the past
But time will make greener the grass, dear
Nothing so perfect can last dear
Nothing so prefect can last dear
Nothing so perfect can last..