Перевод песни Fondlecorpse – Twice the Hate, Twice the Carnage!

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On an abandoned graveyard
under the pale moonlight
krite and the goregnome
meet up in a dusty tomb
an unholy alliance
bred from hatred and contempt
the slasher tag team gets ready
to take their revenge
two demented killers / cackle in the night
party at a sorority / is where they will hit tonight
pledge sisters run / we are coming for you
eyeballs are popped / torso's hewn in two
shut up my little wench / no use to whine
this little story ends as you bleed out
teenagers trapped
and ambushed by sadistic contraptions
arteries bleed from hurried decapitations
he's having fun in the upstairs dormitory
by knife eviscerated innards
eposed in all its glory
brains and skulls pulped by his giant machete
bodies smacked into walls
ribcages punched in two
run through the hallways slipping on blood
praying to the goods not to get caught
in the showers goretits gore galore
the gnome shouts out loudly more I want more
blinded by bush some do get away
its more fun this way
Twice the hate, Twice the carnage
you won't survive the night
Twice the hate, Twice the carnage
well make you die of fright
Twice the hate, Twice the carnage
well make you shriek in terror
Twice the hate, Twice the carnage
needed to shower but got a bloodbath
a kitchen knife flashes
the goregnome he grins and cackles
stalking through the dorms
looking for the last straggles
shanked and stabbed
carved full of weird alien symbols
with stringy entrails the last few
are painfully slowly strangled
creatures feed on the dead and dismembered
soon all are found
none left to escape their vengeance
playtime is over
the humans are all quite dismembered
they look at the town. they laugh