Перевод песни Johnnie Ray – You'd Be Surprised

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Youd Be Surprised
Johnny Ray
Music and Lyrics by Irving Berlin
he's not so good in a crowd
But when you get him alone,
you'd be surprised.
He isn't much at a dance
But then when he takes you home,
you'd be surprised.
He doesnt't't look like much of a lover,
But don't judge a book by it's cover.
he's got the face of an angel but,
there's a devil in his eye.
he's such a delicate thing
But when he starts to squeeze,
you'd be surprised.
He dosnt look very strong
But when you sit on his knees,
you'd be surprised.
At a party or at a ball,
Ive got to admit he's nothing at all,
But in an easy chair,
you'd be surprised.