Перевод песни Tonedeff – Centerfold (ft. Chew Fu)

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You're a -4 — No «10» has a body this cold
So tense when you grind this close
You end men when striking a pose
Roulette 'gainst the Femme Fatale
So let's live the glamorous life
So fresh when she's stepping out
You best not be camera shy
As so sprawled that I have to stall
Let's do that again, the flash was off
Wanna smash you raw, girl I can't get soft
Even when I got a glass this tall
Better hold it down, cause I got the focus right
And I'm zooming in closer now
And I'm shooting overnight
Let me get some time to snap a photo or two
I've got some pictures in my mind I wanna pose in with you
You're like a paper doll, girl you're my centerfold
I wanna take it off, girl you're my centerfold
But you keep dressing up, girl you're my centerfold
I'd rather dress you down, girl you're my centerfold
Cause you know what you are
And you know what you do Girl I could never fold, cause you're my centerfold
You're like a paper doll, girl you're my centerfold
Can't stop it You know that I want a taste
Open the book and I'll spread the page
Oh it's so quiet now — don't tell nobody we here
Oh those? Just slide em down — girl, you're so naughty it's clear
No need to close your eyes it's fine
No darkroom action unveiled
I wanna see you in the brightest light
So I can catch the details
And now we twist till I'm tangled
Pan down when you give me the wide angle
I know, I know — just stay composed
There's no room in the frame for clothes
Portrait in the nude, polaroid in bloom
When the «F» stop, get your head shot on my desktop
Don't be negative, if you get red-eye
Then I gotta retouch it and do it again
Take it off girl you're so underexposed
You'd better get a move on, or I'm gonna explode
Corner my corazon more than you know
With your DSL-R's in my portfolio
I don't give a damn if you're hair's in a knot
You're ashamed of your spot or if your landscape's cropped
I just wanna hit you with an intimate picture
Cause you're a vision when I end up in the shot