Перевод песни Tonedeff – Filthy (XXX)

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Girl you're so sexy
I want your body
I want your girlfriend to play with me I want to see you dancing
With her by your side
I wanna see your bodies collide
I want to cum inside that ass, girl
I want to watch you creaming out
I want another girl to be there
And watch it drip into her mouth
I want to fuck your dirty pussy
I want to beat it inside out
I want to pull it out her ass, girl
And slide it right into your mouth
I don't know what I'm doing
But I want to be with you no matter what it takes
I want to taste your girlfriend
And I want to get you both to do something out of your faith
I want to get you naked
And both of y'all can take your seats
My face or my feet, you choose
I want to make you do things
That you'd never tell your girlfriends that you do Oh no! (Don't wanna read it)
Oh no! (Don't wanna see it)
It's true! (You'd rather do it)
It's true! (You're so into it)