Перевод песни Bessie Smith – Trombone Cholly

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Know a fool that blows a horn
He came from way down south
I ain't heard such blowin' since I was born
When that trombone's in his mouth!
He wails and moans
He grunts and groans
He moans just like a cow!
Nobody else can do his stuff
For he won't teach them how!
Oh Cholly, blow that thing
That slide trombone;
Make it talk, make it sing
Lawdy, where did you get that tone?
If Gabriel knows how you could blow
He'll let you lead his band, I know!
Oh Cholly, blow that thing
Play that slide trombone
Oh Cholly, make it sing
That slide trombone
You'll even make a king
Get down off his throne;
And he would breaka leg, I know
A-doin' the charleston while you blow!
Oh Cholly Green, play that thing
I mean that slide trombone!