Перевод песни Sons Of The Pioneers – Stampede

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Lightning a flashin' everywhere
Thunder a rollin' through the air
Wind and rain, cattle look insane
This herd might stampede tonight
Clouds are drivin' cross the moonless sky
Cattle a rollin' frightened eyes
Keep 'em close and tight
Cowboy pray with all you might
That this herd won't stampede tonight
There's lightning, there's thunder
There's wind and rain, stampede!
Ten thousand cattle on the run
Pray for an early morning sun
Lightning stabs the skies
Cattle drop and never rise, stampede!
Ten thousand cattle in flight
The devil's ridin' herd tonight
The thunder of the hooves and the fury from the skies
Don't get out in front or every man dies
Cold black clouds like funeral shrouds
Roll down their icy threat
And we face to fight this raging night
With odds on the side death
For a stampeding herd
When it's panic is stirred
Is a thing for a cowboy to shun
For no mortal man ever holds command
When the cattle are on the run
The rising of the wind sends out its wail
Drivin' cattle down an endless trail
Rollin' thunder booms sending cattle to their doom