Перевод песни Flosstradamus – From The Back

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Bitch name Nicky, oh so freaky
Hotel lobby in New York City
Right up in the open she was playing with her pussy,
my eyes couldn't help it I was starin' at that pussy
and she looked right at me, «You wanna waste time?»
I looked at my watch... I got time
She couldn't wait, on the elevator,
rubbin on my dick, oh she made it wake up
made it to her room, coincidence no lyin
had to check on what her number was, 69,
didnt waste time, i didnt neither
rubbin on her clit with my finger in her beaver,
she told me to eat her... and I DID
grown man dick, bitch i aint playin with no kids,
and then i gave that ass a smack,
bent that ass over and hit it from the back
Verse 2:
She whipped out this case and I couldnt believe my eyes
Had every toy that money could buy
pulled out the vibrator, stuck it in her pussy,
pulled out my dick, put her mouth on it
told her get on it, hopped on top,
bouncin all on it makin them titties hop,
I flipped her over, to beat her from the back,
she was bitin on that pillow on that bed sheet she grabbed,
that ass so fat, that waist so flat,
but i aint goin front, her face wadn't all that
so that's the perfect position,
never missionary we just stayed in that position,
so no no kissing, naw bitch, no no kissing,
she came first, and I came last,
rolled up the grass while i pound on that ass