Перевод песни Sanford Clark – Sing ´em Some Blues

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Hear you got a little baby
Who treats you bad
And won't give you no hugging
Uh don't you feel sad
She'll give you more hugging
Than you can use
Well sit her right down
And sing her some blues
You ain't got no money
But you got a friend
And you'd like to borrow
Five from him
I'll tell you something
He can't refuse
Well sit him right down
Sing him some blues
You say your wife's gonna leave you
Take your house and your car
Alimony payments
Wherever you are
I'll bet you money
She'd never suit
Well if you sit her right down and sing her some blues
Well you're getting old
And your hair is gray
And the girls won't give you the time of day
Well they'll a-come marching
In two by twos
Well if you sit 'em right down
And sing 'em some blues