Перевод песни Caylana – Something 'bout Love

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Can you try to close your eyes
Do you feel it Our bond
fills a million skies
no earthquake could break us down
I wanna dance dance dance with you
Like there is no no no tomorrow
I know my Heart heart heart will always stay the same and I say
No No I just cant let you leave alone and I say
No No Why don't you let me be the one for you
Something 'bout love
You know i want your love
bout love
I cant get enough of your love
You know I breath your love
Ouh Ouh Oh Oh Oh
There's something bout love love love love
There's something bout love love love love
That will lift you up when you're feelin down
Something 'bout love
I believe that somethings gonna happen tonight
You cant just walk away
I believe that we could have better life oh oh yeah yeah
I wanna wake up each day with you
I only wanna set you free
I wanna kiss you I wanna hold you
Our love will find a way
I never thought that I would find my love
You're everything that I've been dreaming of