Перевод песни Roy Acuff – The Day They Laid Mary Away

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The chill of December, still makes me Remember
(The Day They Laid Mary Away)
A Room full of Flowers, and long silent Hou-urs
And outside the Sky turned to Gray
(She was so happy the
Day we were Wed
And she lived just a year to the Day)
I'll never forget it, I'll always
Regret it
(The Day They Laid Mary Away)
We all sat there Crying and Prayed for the Dying
(The Day They Laid Mary Away)
And while we were Weeping, she rested there Sleeping
But we knew that she couldn't Stay
(We stood at the Grave when the last Rites were Read)
And the Parson had nice things to Say
Then as she Descended, the World for me Ended
(The Day They Laid Mary Away)