Перевод песни The Carter Family – Why Do You Cry,little Darling

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Why do you cry little darling
Why are those tears in your eyes
Why do you weep little darlin
Just when I say goodbye
It makes me sad and lonely
To see you feel so blue
What have I done little darlin
I have I been untrue to you
Cause you are called little darling
To fight for your country true
There's many a poor girl just like me Weeping for their sweetheart too
I've tried so hard to be cheerful
But thought of all the long years
You might be gone little darlin
I could not keep back my tears
That's why I cry little darling
Because you're going away
Leaving me all broken hearted
To weep for you day after day
Every night I'll kneel by my bedside
And ask God to guide you each day
Back to your sweetheart that's waiting
And loves you more than I can say