Перевод песни Skyway – Diving In The Shallow End

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There's always two sides of your story
The truth is hard to swallow with self pity
So take another bite of your dignity
And wash it down with some lies
So with a stomach packed full of misery
Its only a matter of time before you
Throw up all of the things
You don't wanna say
Stop with all of the games
That you try to play
Now you find it hard to breathe
In the shallow end of town
Where you used to stand
But now you can't
The waters so deep you'll drown
It's over now you've figured out
You can't wait for the world to change
It will always stay the same
What's left in your past is history
Like the cracked footpaths in this city
You're sick of feeling uneasy
Its only a matter of time before you
When it's been too deep to tread
And to shallow to keep afloat
You need to decide to stay above
Or just sink alone, just sink alone