Перевод песни Skyway – Best Foot Forward

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You beat yourself up, you're the underdog and own worse enemy
You found a way to make excuses about almost anything
You put yourself down and expect the world to give you sympathy
There's not a day that can go by without feeling like you're nothing
So when are you just gonna let it go
And realize that everything is never set in stone
When your on the outside looking in
And the ground you stand on is wearing thin
When you've lost your faith in everything
Put your best foot forward
When your heart is breaking
And the walls start to cave in
It's always looks worse than it seems
Don't look back on the life that could have been
Your defining moment, your one true chance to turn your life around
And find the things that matter most
are always smaller than you've found
Your on your own, but I guess everyone needs to feel like this
To find the things that you need most are always closer than you think
Don't look back on all the things that try to hold you down
Just stop to think and realize just let it go
It's never set in stone