Перевод песни Skyway – Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

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Draw a line in the sand where you stand
Time will never be on your side
With no way to break the rules
Take what you can and run for your life
Are you willing stop and turn your back on all you know
With lessons learnt from bridges burnt
Still waiting for the tide to turn
If you could turn back time
Stop and rewind your life
Would there be anything you would change
Or could you keep it the same
And not change anything
And be content with what the future brings
Still waiting, still searching, I'm finding and keeping
Are you willing to start to just accept all that you've known
With nothing to prove, everything to lose
When waiting on the tide to turn
I know I could never go back
When the worlds still calling my name
'cause I'm still waiting, still searching
For a little bit of me that's in what the future brings
'cause I'm finding and I'm keeping
Everything that I need to be ready for what the future brings