Перевод песни Skyway – Trainwrecks

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Slow it down, keep an ear to the ground
And prepare for the worst, its coming, you feel it Soak into your bones, burn the air in your lungs
Just when you thought you were in a safe place
Holding on, holding on while the world de-rails around you
Anticipate the crash and burn
Hoping the, hoping the tracks will bend before they break
Train-wrecks that we feel inside
Like there's two trains colliding between you and I And we search through the wreckage to find
All the pieces that we call our lives
Hear the sounds of past ghosts in this town
And hope for the best, its coming, you feel it Is a house still a home when your crowded alone
With a crooked smile under a straight face
We search through the wreckage in this world so blindly
With hearts on our sleeves to find what we really need,
Holding on, holding on Hoping the tracks will bend before they break