Перевод песни Skyway – The Snooze Button Won't Save You Now

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Here's a thought for the day
Some things are better left unsaid then spoken anyway
tell tale signs of bad advice, so rehearse your lines
you couldn't lie to save your life
Can you feel the guilt that's clouding over you
you don't try to hide it anyway do you
because failure has never felt so good
I don't believe all the words that you've said
You're hiding them down under sheets in your bed
It's easy to see the things that get you to sleep
Are the same things that keep me awake
Here's a thought for the day
somethings are better left unturned then turned over anyway
the struggle with lonely nights, while you slept tight
living life with your lies
Let my words haunt your dreams
So you're dreading the moment when you fall asleep
And you'll never want to say again
That failures never felt so good