Перевод песни Public Service Broadcasting – Signal 30

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There's trouble ahead
Trouble that may or may not be a signal 30
What will we find?
A minor mishap or will we look upon the stark face of death?
There's been an accident at Moran on the expressway
They say two persons have been killed, there are several others injured
Have you called an ambulance?
I'll be on the signal 30 in route
This is the result of driving carelessly with only casual attention given to
the important mechanics
Hey you
I'd like to get a look at that dude
Oh smart Eh?
Why don't you get some glasses so you can read those signs?
This is the kind of a guy who made the automobile people think Oh God it breaks
You're driving a little too fast to have a full sense of confidence
Watch it
You've really got something here
No drinking and driving
Not even beer?
Not even water
I'd rather be a racing driver with a car that could go places
Now just a minute my boy
Hey, why don't you look where you're going
There's a road-hog if I ever saw one
How did you ever get a licence to drive
Get out of that car and I'll
C'mon, I'll give you a real ride
What's going on?
Please no, no not now
Let me out of this car
Somebody let me out this car