Перевод песни Blast Holiday – My Iniquities

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Looking for a victory through my iniquities
Get it selling crack, robbing niggas or a kick of D Get it in all-black, pimping hoes or a lick spree
The devil tricked me to stick with my iniquities
Looking for a victory through my iniquities
It vanished so fast, you thought it was a green ghost
You want it so bad, you get it and you need mo'
Money is the root of all evil, my iniquities
Serran wrapping or gel, bet it hide the smell
Serran wrapping or gel, hide it in the tail
Or in the front dash, remove the airbags
The slightest impact or crash gon' have us jetlagged
Projects bad, look at our generation
All prospects stranded in a hustler's nation
On time dog never have my customers waiting
I can't delay a busy schedule to keep (Okay)
So if the grind calls dope, guns or money making
Eight out of ten it be dollars we speak
Ate up his Benz with some hollows this week
Cause he weak, and think his V12 can rock up the street
And ?, so he can sleep, well I made the Benz fishtail
Cause tinted windows couldn't hide you from P (nigga)
I'm in a business where I lie constantly
Them damn Yankees on my ass like J. Giambi
I don't wear skinny jeans cause my dick won't fit
The streets know what I mean, though my speech so sick
The CGs like nah Blast, talk that shit
Connect got caught slipping had to chalk them bricks (yup)
DA trying to work us with a RICO skit
Plus gang enhancements, which leave slim chances
Like smoking cigarettes when you got cancer
Like having Christmas without Santa
I told them in Philly is where to find The Answer,
CGs like P so slick man
Them suckas keep pointing like they seen a fallen asteroid
Dropping dimes like the sucka on Belly
Won't be over till the problem's not a problem and they all destroyed
Making heinz leak out of they belly
I'm a saint slash lunatic sorta like Nelly
Cooking 'caine on the stove in the roach motelly
Taught her to flip game proudly
Now mommy keep a Tommy in her Juicy Coutoures
Stolen profile and Audi
Now she zip slip sliding when we walk in the store (zoom)
A big mouth but she know to keep quiet
'less she want her eye violet and have to exit the door
A wet mouth down there never be quiet
Every time I go inside her she be begging for more (Blast, Blast, Blast)
Give me one more dance
So we did the two step with Mos Def in our glass
A love song this ain't never been
Gucci garments is all she ever in, I'm sort of thinking of settling
But I'm a dog like K-Federline
Who's really sick in the head, I heard he? the purple medicine
And on top of that I'm negligent
But she blind to that fact cause in her eyes I'm heaven sent