Перевод песни Pythia – Sarah (Bury Her)

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I’ve been in purgatory
I’ve been in chains for oh so many years
And it’s a mystery
How this neglect can bring me ever near
You are a sanctuary, but must agree
You never give yourself
And I cannot compete with Sarah
No I cannot compete with Sarah
She was the one who never broke your heartstrings
She was the virgin in the icy tomb
Didn’t she say that it would last forever?
But when she fell she broke a million hearts for you
Marry me or bury me too
Now it is clear to me
That you are just a soul who’s in despair
You’re never cruel to me
Because I feel you’re never really there
I should have closed this door
Left long before I ever heard her name
No I cannot compete with Sarah
No I cannot compete with Sarah
You have to give more