Перевод песни Fabolous – Feel Like I'm Back

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Na-nana-nana-na, na-nana-nana-na
Na-nana-nana-na, na-nana-nana
— w/ ad libs
Well alright, okay
I've been gone and away
For too long, a mistake
But right now, I feel awake
I'm feelin like I'm back (just like I'm back)
Said I'm feelin like I'm back (feel like I'm back)
Said I'm feelin like I'm back (just like I'm back)
Said I'm feelin like I'm back (feel like I'm back)
Hey, hey, hey, hey
I take it in (I take it in), I blow it out (I blow it out)
On the courthouse steps after they throw it out (throw it out)
Bentley waitin by the curb, I spur it out (I spur it out)
Doors don't open they selves, the chauffeur get out (well alright)
My exhale made everything a foggy blur (woof)
I make my way through the reporters and photographers (okay)
I take my lady's hand (yes), I shake my attorney's (attorney's)
Then slide in the back seat and let's begin this journey (nice)
Told the driver hold on 'fore we pushed out (pushed out)
I let my window down, out comes a kush cloud (a kush cloud)
Any last words? (Yes), justice has been served
Now back to the streets that's what the hustlers deserve
— w/ ad libs
Hey, hey, hey, hey
I ain't lose a step (lose a step), I ain't miss a beat (miss a beat)
Thugs have emotions, we miss the streets (we miss the streets)
We kiss the heat (muah), we love the block (we love the block)
We rubberband the money (the money), we black glove the Glock (well alright)
I'm screamin free at last (free at last), free at last (free at last)
She used to send me pictures, so I could see that ass (okay)
That's real talk (real talk), that's a real bitch (real bitch)
As fly as I left, the mink still fit (nice)
They know my name but in case they didn't know so
Appear in a casket courtesy of Loso
So (so), you should have your shit packed
I'm a need ya to not be here when I get back, yeah
— w/ ad libs
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey daddy's home, after a long day (day)
I'm from the hood, I came a long way (yes)
But I ain't goin back (naw), I'm just visitin (visitin)
I hear the streets talkin, I'm just listenin (well alright)
If they ain't talkin money, I'm out my business then (what?)
If that ain't what it is, then what is it then? (okay)
I'm out here grizzyin, Swizzyin
+It's Me Bitches+, sittin in a Phantom
Got the streets back but I didn't pay the ransom
A father who fathered you, shit you like my grandson (you ain't even my junior)
I came back for it like I left it nigga
You try me you get more than a 'E' for effort nigga
— w/ ad libs