Перевод песни Billy Burnette – The Edge Of Love

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Well loves an ocean, deep and wide
Too big to see the other side
Whats waiting there for me and you
Out in the blue
Well never know until we try
It may be a rough and raging sea
That goes on for eternity
Throw your caution to the wind
Sink or swim
Just jump in and?
Let me rock you on the water
Where the winds of passion blow
If we go drifting out too far
Well follow the brightest star
To the edge of love
Let me take you to another world
Where you an feel the undertow
And if thats getting in too deep
Just come with me at least
To the edge of love
Honey, lets just ride the wave
And let it carry us away
Let your heart just be your guide
Ill be there right by your side
Dont be afraid
We can tell each others history
And leave the rest to mystery
We may never understand
Hold on tight, take my hand and?
(repeat chorus)