Перевод песни UNDEAD CORPORATION – Through Your Optic

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
A dark overcast
I'm afraid that it will take away the sunshine
But you look happy cause it will bring the rain
And wash away the dirty ground
We both see the same thing
With a different sense of color
I just want to hold on But I want to let it go Feeling every word you gave me is getting cold
I just want to believe in you
But now I'm realizing
I can't be there
In the world trough your optic
This tender wind
You suspect it will bring a freezing winter
In contrast, I believe it will bring a warm spring
Frictions make our figures sharper day by day
They twist my heart
Is it inevitable?
I don't wanna see you against me But why is my heart attracted to this impulse?
Surely I get less able to lie to myself