Перевод песни Jeri Southern, Orchestra conducted by Lennie Hayton – I'm Stepping Out With a Memory Tonight

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I've been carrying a torch so long,
I look like the Statue of Liberty!
My friends say it's so,
And perhaps they ought to know!
They tell me I ought to get around
to give romance another play,
So I've arranged a date this evening,
And I'm on my way.
I'm stepping out with a memory tonight,
To paint the town the way we used to do.
I'll dine at the old cafe where we had so much fun,
And order cocktails for two instead of the usual one.
Then, after dark,
In a Hansom through the park,
While reminiscin' I'll be kissin' you.
A lot of folks may think I'm crazy,
Well maybe they're right,
But I'm steppin' out with a memory tonight.