Перевод песни KEN mode – Counter Culture Complex

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Poor baby boy
Is that a negative spell
Honing in like a loaded black cloud
Set to burst?
Hang in there for just one minute while I trivialize
Your emotions, your motivations
Your hopes and your dreams
A lesson to learn:
As long as there's pain
As long as there's fear
You should feel ashamed
A lesson to learn:
You cannot feel ire
You cannot shed tears
Of every instance of indignation you've ever felt
As long as you are male, you deserve this unfulfillment
Your pigmentation disallows your choler
You're smarter than this
And human psych is more complex than you prefer to credit
But I won't argue
I'm not seventeen anymore
I'd like to thank you for the speech you've delivered
From your condescending high horse
Like you're the only one
That's lived, traveled, experienced destitution from
An elevated Maslowian bubble