Перевод песни Fred Astaire – The Babbit and the Bromide

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How are you?
How's the folks?
What's new?
I'm great.
That's good.
Knock wood.
Well, well.
That's life.
What do you know?
How's your wife?
Gotta run.
Oh, my.
Ta ta!
Olive oil.
Ten years went quickly by for both these substantial men. And then it happened
that one day they chanced to meet again. That they had both developed in ten
years there was no doubt. And so of course they had an awful lot to talk about.
(Repeat **)
Before they met again some 20 years they had to wait. This time it happened up above inside St. Peter's gate. A harp each one was carrying and both were
sprouting wings. And this was what they said as they were strumming on the
strings. (Repeat **)