Перевод песни Via del Blues – I Been hit too Hard

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summer's gone
an' my house is on fire
days are still hot
i can't get you off of my mind
been smokin' in this room for too long
an' i know i ain't that strong
i been hit too hard
sweat's fallin' down
but i cannot move my hands
i don't know
if anything can heal me now
i'd give everything to hear your voice
but i couldn't stand your smile
i been hit too hard
i'm tired of talkin'
an' anyway i got nothing to say
another dawn
very few people's passin' by
starin' at the floor i think of you
i see so clear what i'm gonna do
i been hit too hard
i was allright
still i sold my house an' went down south
the sky's burnin'
an' no cloud will bring the rain
no one's gonna come an' stay
i been hit too hard