Перевод песни The Circle Ends Here – Remiss

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Gray morning breaks and
scatters the green off the leaves
in their struggle to grasp their branch
Dead birds sing to the patience of a cancer
who decided to stay another day
Rooftops lay languid on the leaking walls
as they open their cracks each hour
Dust gathers in corners
with toys left devoid of meaning
forgotten, abandoned from their child
Pale light from the center of the sky
absorbing life, hiding behind the beauty of white
Words mispronounced
forming a speech
and it glares in it's thousand
shattered mirrors
A night of binding lights
Blankets giving hope through their subtle breaths
truth flies off tongues
only to carve
into an open scar
and lay its eggs
and they grow black inside the veins
waving the disease among the streets
Celebrating mirth like pigeons to their seeds
under the figment of values
careless, careless