Перевод песни The Circle Ends Here – Monument

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
cold, still
corners barely whistle
as air
fades away
in the dimming light
choking each breath.
gates stand tall
throughout the fading hours
awaiting the end
scars glittered in the tints
of a languid iris.
a worn statue among all
adorned with stains of embraces
smothering the arid body
pierced skin
blanketing the festered bones.
A circle of silent lips
around a solitary bed.
the grey finger points
to the memories framed
and as the smile opens
frail eyes slowly close.
and measured faces fall
knees collapse
tied hands loosen
pale clouds extend.
Rain scatters
as bleak winds crumble
fires vanish
and silence overcomes.
a cleft growing between
the marble and the stone
miles of dying anemones
suffocating the ground.
the calm lies in a mattress
in a spaceless room
with an eternity ahead
and a life behind.
the pealing plaster
turns pitch black
as the splitting love
strangles each sinking heart.
shards of moments gone
and the tears gathered for one.