Перевод песни Romanthony – The Wanderer

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there's nothing left of me, no matter where i go
so i keep on wandering till i lose control
ooo wanderer
i must control the fear, that's deep inside of me
i know it's so so clear
i hear i'm soon to be (wanderer)
i'll tell you how it started, in a room way down south baby
jazabelle came to me; and like a mother she turned me on bay
touched all the places, that made adam turn to eva
made me leave my wife, my home, my job and family
i'm the wanderer
she never loved me, uhh, like a so called rinse
even if i had to kill her, uhh
and put a life, put a life to an end
i'll never let lust uhh take controll of me (come on)
so i did, did it, did it uhh
set her soul, and her spirit free the wanderer
lots of time, lots of women, pretty places, deserving faces
so you better, believe, you! you better believe
i still bear possesion, you can see it in my eyes
we are one in the same, so you better realize
listen closely, you just might hear it
crying like a baby, the sound of a wanderer's spirit