Перевод песни Warhound – Big Brother

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
bound by chains
we won"t meet our demise
because it's our time
to take control of our lives
they wear no disguise
these greedy mother fuckers
just want us to die
we are lost
and we have been for so long
surrounded by corruption
we've forgot where we came from
our lives have no relevance
lack of intelligence
the lies are all around us
so get your mind right son
liars castrating us all
they wanna find us
try to bind us
just to seize our control
forget everything that you know
they on the path of the wicked
illuminated hunters
and it's just as predicted
don't think that you're safe
don't think you
run your own home
they're taking all our rights
and they control
the whole globe
if there's one thing i know
is that i'll never quit
we'll rise above it all and in their face we'll spit
mother fucker
they'll have us locked in cages
the devils they wanna slave us
take us
fuck these politicians
decisions made with ammunition
they tell us lies, i despise
we gotta fight with our minds
our destinies in our hands
this ain't the promised land
huge authority
money controls me
but i'm not down for it seriously
silent majority
what's your priority?
just a minority
against your shitty story
i ignore your power
huge authority
money controls me
but i'm not down for it seriously
mother fucker