Перевод песни Warhound – Die Slow

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i can't believe i'm fucking saying this
no one believes it
disguising it well
i live a life that wouldn't sell
hard to tell if i'll ever
make it out of my own hell
too much effort to care
fear how i fear
time's got worse
and now i'm lost with no one here
keep stomping my dreams in to the ground
i'll search forever
till it's peace i've found
right before my eyes
my dreams continue to die
no point in pushing
i'll just be living a lie
what's the point when no one can see me?
i've got nothing put me out of my misery
life amongst the gutters
is where i lay my head
you say to live when i'm better off dead
for my life i've got nothing to show
another worthless bastard
and now i'll die slow
it ain't hard to tell
where i'm coming from
no home for me to run from
that's long gone
heartless and weak
the only thing keeping me alive
is the hope of inner peace
and i can't help
that i hold on to everything
where this sadness came from
i feel them watching me
everything my eyes can see
help me
before they steal my soul
i don't fucking know
if i'll die slow
help me god
help me god
help me find a light
so i can close my eyes at night
bottom of the barrell
still nothing changes
what was i thinking?
i just want to erase this
cover my tracks
think on my feet
is it too much to ask
to want something for me?
i'll give it my all
sit on my throne
still the king of nothing
and now i die slow
die slow
can't fight the reaper